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Order online today and we will deliver your Natural Dental Products directly to your door. With FREE deliveries Australia Wide for our subscription option and on orders over $30. Simply choose your product and we will do the rest. For our 3-monthly subscription option visit our subscription page to learn more

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At CHEWS we care about our planet.
Every year thousands and thousands of plastic toothpaste tubes are discarded into our oceans and landfill. This is adding significantly to our planet’s plastic waste problem On top of this conventional toothpaste contains around 40% water. Fresh water is becoming a scarcity and as a population it is our responsibility to do what we can do conserve water. ToothChews not only contains no water but our packaging is 100% plastic free and recyclable. Now that’s awesome!! It’s time to ditch the tubes and choose chews!!

Refill Tins

Our trendy bold blue or beachy peach tins are 100% recyclable and 100% reusable. They keep your Toothchews nice and dry and tucked away and on top of that they fit right in your pocket and they look awesome!

Earth Bags

Every month you will get to tear open your next Earth bag and smell our fresh and minty ToothChews. 

Our Earth bags are FULLY recyclable to cardboard grade. They have even won awards that’s how awesome they are!! No need to cut off the plastic sealer at the top because there isn’t one and unlike biodegradable bags these wont leave tiny specs of plastic behind. These are certified plastic FREE! Yes, we have thought of everything! Visit for more info

Bamboo Brushes

With our subscription packs every 3 months you will get a new eco- friendly bamboo toothbrush with medium bristles and comfortable handle. They look cool and they are better than plastic!


CHEWS didn’t want to solve the toothpaste tube problem but then still use non sustainable delivery packing. When you buy our products you will receive them in a fully recyclable kraft cardboard box. To top this off we don’t use glass jars or heavy goods. Our package will weigh less than 30g. We are trying to cover all bases!!


Check out these bad boys. No water so you’re helping with water conservation. No sulphates which are bad for us and the environment and instead of palm oil to make it nice and foamy we use coconuts! Now whats more natural than a coconut??!! Our ingredients are natural and safe and we don’t use harsh chemicals or novel gimmicks. Just straight to the good stuff!