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Check out our awesome natural ingredients carefully selected and formulated to provide you with a long lasting fresh taste! 

Calcium Carbonate

Found in rocks, chalk, coral, limestone, marble… This is slightly abrasive to help remove staining and give you a shiny smile! The calcium also combines with fluoride and phosphate to fill in any holes made by nasty bacteria. Basically this is an all-round awesome ingredient!!!

Sodium Bicarbonate

This ingredient foams well which helps to carry minerals around the mouth allowing all your teeth to repair. It is slightly abrasive which helps to remove staining and plaque. It is safe to use and reduces acidity in mouth… acid attacks teeth and forms holes so this is really bloody useful!!


We want our ToothChews to not only be good for us and the environment but also taste good! We spent months and months of trials getting our mint flavouring perfect. We evn chose peppermint which is also known to have other health benefits. The end result is a tasty experience with a fresh aftertaste!

Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate

This is what makes our ToothChews nice and foamy and tasty. Unlike some other hygiene foaming products this ingredient doesn’t contain sulphates. Sulphates are bad for the environment and so at CHEWS we say NO to SLS and YES to SCI!!! On top of this SCI is derived from coconut oil… now it doesn’t get more natural than that!

Sodium Fluoride

Fluoride is found naturally in fresh water and is the 13th most common element in the earth’s crust. Fluoride is even found in our oceans at similar levels to our drinking water! Fluoride is found in foods such as tea and fish. It is also a major make up of our bones and teeth. In nature it can be found bonded to other elements inside rocks and soil It is amazing because it combines with phosphate and calcium in our saliva to fill in any holes caused by the acids when we eat. This makes our teeth even stronger than they were before… It is the star player of the team!