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Why are ToothChews Awesome? (picture of beaming smile)

  • Unlike toothpaste, ToothChews don’t use water to carry the essential minerals needed to help prevent tooth decay. Therefore, when we chew them all the essential minerals dissolve in our saliva. This is awesome because it is exactly where we want them!!
  • With Chews all the minerals start doing their job when mixed with our saliva… unlike toothpaste where they are already mixed in a liquid (fresh water!!) so some of the goodies are already reacted! Now thats not good because we want ALL of them!!


What are Minerals? 

  • A mineral is a naturally occurring substance


Why do we need them in our ToothChews? Picture of a bricky laying bricks?

  • When we eat, bacteria in our mouths react with the food and produce acids. These acids literally destroy the surfaces of our teeth.
  • If we have enough of the right types of minerals in our saliva then the tooth surface can rebuild itself… a bit like if a bricky has the right types of bricks.
  • If the saliva doesn’t have the right types of minerals then the tooth surface cant be rebuilt and eventually a hole starts. This means eventual pain and a visit to the dentist for a filling… and you don’t want a filling if you don’t have to!!


Do we already have minerals in our saliva?

  • But when we eat certain foods, particularly sugars there aren’t enough in our saliva to rebuild the attacked teeth. This is why it is important to top up these Minerals with ToothChews.


What minerals do we need??

  • Mainly Calcium and Phosphate. These are the main components of tooth enamel. So the more in our saliva the faster the tooth can repair


Why do we need fluoride? 

  • Contrary to many people’s beliefs, Fluoride is a naturally occurring substance already found in many fresh and saltwater sources even rain water.
  • Think of Fluoride as the top of the range product. If you were buying a car or a tv or building a house you would want the best and strongest option right? Well Fluoride binds with the other minerals to make a super strong layer on the teeth that not only fills in the developing hole but is now stronger against future attacks!