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Keep chews in a dry, sealed container at room temperature. We have provided convenient tin dispensers to prevent chews from getting wet. 


Yes. It contains all the same good stuff with less of the bad stuff

All the ingredients are derived from natural sources. Rocks, plants, minerals. Even coconuts!

No. We have sourced a foaming agent derived from coconuts not SLS like many alternatives. 

Keep chews in a dry, sealed container at room temperature. We have provided convenient tin dispensers to prevent chews from getting wet. 

Oral Hygiene

Fluoride is a dentist’s hero! It helps to repair holes caused by bacteria in the mouth. Fluoride actually makes the tooth stronger than it was before!!

It is like having the star player missing from your sports team, there is more chance of a hole developing in the tooth.

Not in moderation. Chews has the appropriate dose of Fluoride per Chew.


We use no plastic packaging and no unnecessary water

Out of all the water available only 2.5% is fresh. With growing populations some areas are rapidly running out of fresh water 

Toothpaste is composed of 40% water. This is all wasted when we spit it down the sink. Chews contains no water

1.5 billion tubes discarded each year adding significantly to our Global plastic waste problem. Many aren’t recyclable or they are they need to be washed out and prepared appropriately.

Plastic waste is creating a global wastage problem as is water shortage. Chews provides the answer to this whilst still benefitting oral health.

On average, Australians use 130 kg of plastic per person each year. Only 12% of that's recycled. Chews packaging is fully recyclable

Our Earth bags are 100% plastic FREE certified and recyclable to cardboard grade. Just pop in your household recycling with no preparation needed.

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If you purchase a subscription package it will auto renew exactly one month and ongoing after your initial transaction. This can be cancelled at any time with a week’s notice.

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Let us assure you there is nothing to worry about!! These are just menthol crystals that sometimes form on the surface. you can either blow them off or it will just make the chews extra minty!!