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Oral hygiene

Toothpaste Tablets store all the goodies we need to help prevent tooth decay in a solid chewable form. This means when we chew on one, the ingredients dissolve directly into our saliva. This is awesome because it’s exactly where we want them!

On top of this, with a Toothpaste Tablet we know exactly how much of each ingredient you are getting with each brush and ALL of these goodies can react with each other once dissolved. This is how they protect our teeth, by working together!

When you use regular toothpaste, some of these goodies have already reacted in the water they are stored in, which just isn't good enough!

We can actually show you his face

Dr. Rob

Dr Rob is a dentist living and working near Noosa on the beautiful Sunshine Coast.

Having spent many years helping people with their oral health, Dr Rob has seen evolution in treatments and materials in many aspects of dentistry. One area that he realised hadn’t changed fundamentally in over 100 years was toothpaste.

Although great for oral hygiene, toothpaste he felt contained too many chemicals, produced far too much plastic waste, was difficult to travel with and messy to use.

With a couple of alternatives on the market, Dr Rob felt that many of them didn’t meet ALL of the required criteria.

Dr Rob and his team have spent over 18 months developing a product that has been thought through carefully to tick all of the boxes and hopefully create a new way to brush our teeth. And to top it off something that tastes nice and fresh!

Protecting our planet without compromise

Our Planet.

Every year millions of plastic toothpaste tubes are discarded into landfill and our oceans. This is adding significantly to our planet’s plastic waste problem. Globally we have started to recognise and address other causes such as plastic bags but yet we still accept toothpaste tubes as the norm.

Recycling is the answer…

DrROBB has spent over 18 months sourcing the best packaging solutions and avoid plastic that's not recyclable. Where possible we don't use any packaging and keep it a minimum (hence bulk refills). When smaller quantities are needed, the packaging is from either recycled plastic, can be recycled or 100% biodegradable. Just pop all packaging straight into the recycling curb-side bin and you have just prevented another piece of plastic being dumped into our Oceans.

On top of this toothpaste contains up to 40% water and fresh water is becoming a scarcity globally. Again, we are addressing this issue in other industries but we all just accept toothpaste comes in liquid form…. but it doesn’t have to!!!

By changing your routine and Chewing before you brush you are saving gallons of fresh water every year, which is yet another win for the planet!

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